The New Sales Paradigm series: Changing the thinking, the process, and the skills in sales.

Sharon Drew's monthly newsletters and essays are now available in an e-book collection complete with introductions and commentary. Each book enhances your thinking and profitability in the area of collaborative decision making with clients and colleagues.

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Book 1: Change the thinking and redefine your job

What is sales? And how must the field change to keep up with our changing business environment? A seller's job is much bigger than product placement, but the entire belief system around the job - and the expectation of what's possible over and above the types of results achieved by using current sales methods - must change. What do we need to do differently to achieve a new level of success in our current business climate?

Book 2: Changing the process from selling to helping buyers buy

How can you actually support your buyers in making buying decisions? The hardest part is in giving up your need to sell. You must use your position, your care, and your understanding of your fields to truly help buyers manage all of their internal decisions because until they come up with their own answers, they will take no action. Buyers need to know how to design their own solution, which you then merely have to make available. It's so much easier to help buyers buy. These essays will lead you through the new skills and behaviors you'll need to make use of, to help you start using the Buying Facilitation™ process with clients.

Book 3: Change the skills from partnering, collaborating, and influencing to creating profitable and ethical interactions

What skills do you need to ensure that you can model the communication, collaboration, and partnering that will help your client make a buying decision? Because, ultimately, it comes down to deciding. These essays focus on collaborative decision making in many areas of business and influence. In these essays, you will glean new ways to connect with all of your communication partners in order to create true win-win environments, increase profitability, and ethical interactions.

This Product is no longer being sold. Please check out our other products.