Selling with Integrity: Reinventing Sales through Collaboration, Respect, and Serving

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I wrote Selling with Integrity in nine weeks (plus editing time). It rolled right out of me, as a melding of the models I've worked with for years in the areas of

  • NLP
  • Work with Roger Schank on questions
  • My own spiritual practice (which believes we all have our own answers and take responsibility on a daily basis for serving others through communication)
  • My 20 years of sales experience learning both traditional and consultative sales
  • The movement away from manipulative sales towards spiritual business practices.

To support your journey toward adding additional models to your current sales work, in the book I have offered my own private journey through the process of change. Therefore, the book has an autobiographical element to it.

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I attempt to teach the tools of Buying Facilitation™ as well: I don't want to be a talkinghead. There are people who have come up with similar ideas to mine, but Selling With Integrity offers a hands-on model of how to actually do it -- the skills to communicate, to ask questions, and to make lots more sales. In fact, in eight different ways throughout the book I teach the skills of Buying Facilitation™, giving the reader all the tools I know how to incorporate in a book to Do It Yourself. Many people are still taking training to move beyond the book with additional models which will be found in my next book, but the book can be a stand-alone tool. It at least should get you started as long as you follow the instructions on how to learn with it (do the skill sets, do the skill sets).

I also incorporated my own spiritual values: The belief that everyone has his/her own answers; the belief that I can only have questions, not your answers; the deep understanding of the responsibility I must accept along with the job of a salesperson to support each prospect, each client in discovering his/her own buying patterns and congruent solutions.

I hope you enjoy reading the book as much as I enjoyed writing it. And thanks for joining me on this journey toward changing a long-held paradigm. There really is a new way to sell -- and it works.

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