Buying Facilitation® Learning Accelerators

How are you helping buyers facilitate their buying process?

  • do you know where your prospects go when they say 'I'll call you back?'
  • do you know who is in the room when you present, and how their decisions are weighted?
  • how do you help buyers get buy-in from colleagues during their private meetings?

The sales model is great at doing needs analysis and solution placement - but it doesn't help buyers figure out how to travel down their unique buying decision journey. Find out what Buying Facilitation® is.

Go behind-the-scenes with your buyers! Enable them to buy your solution.

Need one new skill? Two? Want to learn to use Facilitative Questions to help buyers decide?

These Accelerators use a unique learning approach to help you integrate new skills into current ones. Each Accelerator contains a self-examination section, a sophisticated homework section, and a lecture.

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Pitching Accelerator: when, how, why and what. $99

When do you pitch? Why? You are most probably pitching too early. What's the difference between when the prospect needs to hear your data and when you believe they do? Usually too much of our sale is based on placing a solution, and not helping buyers manage their behind-the-scenes decision issues they must address before your solution data is relevant. Indeed, sales enters the buyer's decision journey far too early. Learn More.

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Prospecting Accelerator: cold calls, referrals, warm leads. $125

What’s stopping you from getting onto the Buying Decision Team on the first call? Help prospects who weren’t seeking to purchase be willing to buy your solution? Go on appointments that have 10 eager prospects who want you to be their vendor? Learn More.

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Gakekeepers Accelerator. $125

A gatekeeper’s job is to let the right people in and the wrong people out. Learn how to make sure you’re in the ‘in’ group by actually teaching her how to choose you - in moments, with any type of gatekeeper. Learn More.

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Price Accelerator: avoiding objections, and positioning cost. $125

What are your beliefs and behaviors around money? Are they holding you back from charging what you deserve to charge, or competing as well as you could? And how can you help your buyer recognize your value without having to discuss price? Learn More.

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Presentations Accelerator: how to get the right people into the room. $150

When do you present? Do you attempt to make appointments too early, and have only one or two people in the room – or a small percentage of the Buying Decision Team? What is stopping you from making sure you have the full Decision Team present when you present? And what's the difference between offering data about your solution, and using your time to help folks in the room learn how to move easily through their buying journey – with you as their navigator? Learn More.

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Prospecting Bundle. $350
Bonus: Buying Facilitation® ebook.

How do you turn prospects into buyers? To buy, a prospect must get internal agreement from colleagues to bring in a new solution, figure out how to make necessary internal changes, and get the Buying Decision Team to agree to a vendor and price. Learn More.

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Daily Skills Bundle. $350
Bonus: Buying Facilitation® ebook.

What’s stopping you from closing all of the business you deserve to close? Are prospects becoming buyers? Are gatekeepers helping you get to the right people? Do prospects give you price objections when they don’t even understand your value proposition? Learn More.

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Change Bundle: Learning new skills; Buying a new solution. $500
Bonuses: The Skills of Buying Facilitation® & Buying Facilitation® ebook.

Both learning and buying are change management problems: the status quo fights to maintain itself (the reason buying decisions take so long, and why learning new skills is so difficult), and will reject anything new unless there is appropriate buy-in. For dedicated learners, this bundle will actually teach how to easily adopt new sales skills, using the same buy-in skills that can be used to then lead buyers through their behind-the-scenes preparation for purchasing your solution. Never before available in sales before now, these new skills help you, and buyers, quickly, effectively bring in new solutions with no resistance. Learn More.

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How To Turn Prospects Into Buyers Bundle $500
Bonuses: The Skills of Buying Facilitation® & Buying Facilitation® ebook.

Who will buy from us? Who will not buy – but would have bought if we could help them manage their private decisions? How, exactly, do buyers decide to purchase one solution over another, or now rather than later, or you over a competitor? How can you turn prospects into buyers?

What is the difference between a buyer’s need and their decision to actually purchase your solution? Learn More.

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