Keeping Sellers Relevant: free podcast series

  • Is the internet cutting into your business?
  • Are your prospects doing their own research, and forming biases that are inaccurate, and causing you to lose sales?
  • Are you entering the buyer's buying process too late?
  • Do you have skills that lead buyers through their private, change management issues so they get the buy-in to purchase your solution?

In a 3 podcast series, Sharon Drew Morgen discusses:

  1. why and how sellers face the possibility of becoming irrelevant
  2. what are the elements of the buyer's buying journey
  3. how sellers must change to remain indispensable

Hear them one at a time, or hear all three.

Podcast 1: Is The Salesperson Irrelevant?

Download File | 3.6 mbs | 15:35 mins
Podcast 2: The Buyer's Buying Journey

Download File | 3.2 mbs
| 18:50 mins
Podcast 3: How Sellers Must Change To Remain Indispensable

Download File | 3.8 mbs | 16:43 mins
Full Series: Keeping Sellers Relevant

Download File
| 23.5 mbs | 51:26 mins

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As the developer of Buying Facilitation® - the change management model that fits early into the buyer's behind-the-scenes decision making journey to help them get the buy-in necessary to make a purchasing decision - Sharon Drew has created many ways to make this revolutionary material available. If you are excited by her ground-breaking ideas about the buyer's journey and the new job of sales, learn more:

Let us help you enter the buyer's decision journey earlier. If you have questions as to how this material fits with your situation, contact Sharon Drew at or 512-457-0246.