Buying Facilitation® Coaching with Sharon Drew Morgen

Good coaching offers the platform for change. I come from a different approach than other coaches. I have developed a decision facilitation model that will lead you through the belief changes and behavioral shifts to get you where you want to be.

What is Coaching?

People change when they shift underlying beliefs. Because their current behaviors are based on the decisions that got them where they are now, no change will happen without new decisions being made. Many coaching models work with behavior modification. I work by helping people recognize the underlying beliefs and patterns that got them where they are, and then shift the beliefs to create new patterns. Change is permanent.

Two Types of Coaching: Buying Facilitation® coaching and Individual coaching

Buying Facilitation® Coaching

Are you closing all of the sales you deserve to close? Helping buyers make the decisions necessary to use you to support their excellence - in the appropriate time frame? Why not?

Sales folks take coaching with me to help them understand what their buyers are going through: why it’s taking so long, what they need to manage internally, getting the right people onto the Buying Decision Teams.

During group or individual coaching, we can

  • develop the correct Facilitative Questions for you to use to help buyers speed up or influence their decision issues;
  • influence the timing of the sales cycle;.
  • help you prospect efficiently to find the right clients;
  • do team coaching to figure out how to facilitate decisions during your presentation time.

As you decide if coaching with me would enhance your success, ask yourself:

What is stopping you from closing all the sales you deserve to close?

Do you know how your buyers are making their buying decisions and where you fit into the process?

Do you know how to get onto the buying decision team... on the first call?

How can you determine which prospects should be let go and which ones will close on the first call

Call, and we will figure out if coaching with me will help you close the sales you want to close. You should be able to begin closing sales and shortening the sales cycle dramatically after just one call.

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Buying Facilitation® For Sales

If you are in sales, and wish to close more, close quicker, and find more clients, a few questions that I'd give you for homework before our first meeting might be...

What do you hear when speaking with another (prospect, customer, etc) that internally informs you what you should say next? and how do you know that is the best thing to say? or that the triggers that led you to this communication are the best ones to heed in that circumstance?

How do you know that what you are hearing is the most accurate representation of the elements included in that person's situation? What would you need to listen for differently - or how differently would you need to listen - to hear the most useful data that would give you the place to intervene and help this person make their best decisions?

What is the difference for you between listening for content and listening for systems and patterns? When do you do each - and what is the difference in your communication as a result?

If you are seeking personal growth, and wish to change some behaviors that were no longer serving you, I might ask you to consider these questions...

What beliefs hold the current behaviors in place?

What would you need to know or believe differently to recognize the beliefs that underlie your current behavior might need to shift in order for you to be ready to change - and how would you know that changing those beliefs would get you where you wanted to end up?

When we work together, you will know how to answer – and take action upon – all of the above. Are you ready? Do you want to work together with your team to close group sales?

I can give you the right questions to ask, and the knowledge you need to understand what is going on with a prospect. From the inside – how they are organizing, how they are deciding, and exactly where the sticking places are that are holding up the sale.

Do you want to keep doing what you are doing, and getting the results you’re getting?

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Individual Coaching

I'd like to ask you a few questions...

What is stopping you from getting the types of extraordinary results in your life or work that you deserve to get?

If you are seeking better sales results, what has stopped you from being as successful as you want to be? And what would you need to consider in order to work toward making the changes necessary to give you different results?

What about personal change? Are you getting what you want from your life? And if not, what's stopping you?

What has changed that was in place and operating excellently before now? And what has stopped you from taking the action you might need to take to discover excellence?

What's stopping you from being all that you want to be, as successful as you deserve, and competent and congruent as necessary to achieve what is possible? And what are you willing to do, or say, or change, to get there?

You are certainly doing all you know how to do to be all that you can be. In fact, you've been successful. But something now is causing you to want more, and you are considering the possibility that making a few changes might give you different results.

It’s possible that you have all of the skills you need to be even more successful – but are not using them in the places they might be most useful. Indeed, maybe you need to just use your skills differently. Maybe you need to add some new skills, or change beliefs. Let’s talk for a bit, and see if what I do can help you make real change.

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Facilitative Questions

Using Facilitative Questions - a new form of question that teaches your brain how to expand possibilities by meeting its underlying criteria as it shifts - I can help you make important changes quickly. Look at the questions I've asked above. Stop a moment and answer them.

I see my job as a Neutral Navigator: leading you from where you are to where you want to be, from what has stopped you to what you need to do differently, from discovering the beliefs that support you to those that are no longer serving you and might need replacing.

Between us, we can shift or re-weight your beliefs, make your unconscious choices conscious, and show you how to choose your best options to maintain your integrity. The Facilitative Questions will follow your choice patterns in an unbiased way – without me pushing you where I think you should be, as other coaches do, but by having you find your own path systemically.

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How sessions are run

My job is to help you decide if change is called for, and if so, what to change, how to change it, and how to know what success will look like during each phase of the change process.

And I'll give you homework. Questions to work with during the week so you can begin to find your successful skills and have the choice to use them in different contexts.

At what point would you be willing to make changes?

These Facilitative Questions would give us a place to begin examining the beliefs that you listen through - the filters that tell your mind what your ears should hear and how to verify accuracy.

As you can see, we'll begin by doing the baseline work of you recognizing exactly how you make your choices, where they get you, and what you need to begin doing to give yourself all of the choices you will need. Of course, conscious communication is necessary.

Once we identify the beliefs that underlie your current behaviors, and recognize the patterns that have kept the behaviors in place, we'll be ready to recognize how to develop new beliefs that will adapt to new behaviors.

You already know how to be successful, but you don't always choose success. Together we'll figure out why, and what to do differently.

Or you can stay as you are. What will it be? And how will you know?

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I can help - if you truly seek change.

What is stopping you from being all you desire to be? From having the success you deserve? Are you ready to change? Is change what needs to happen?

How will you know when it's time to make the changes necessary to get you where you want to be?

What route do you plan on taking to embark on the journey to change?

How would you know that coaching with Sharon Drew could get you where you need to be?

Am I the right person to help you get where you want to be?

I can help you get where you deserve to be. But it may not be easy, or pretty, or fun... ok, it might be fun. It will be hard work. We will be working (oh so delicately) on those beliefs that need to be re-examined, and possibly shifted, to help you get where you want to be.

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