Buying Facilitation® Training for Professionals

Doctors, lawyers, accountants, dentists, therapists, and even coaches, are small business owners. Seen as professionals, it's clear that they also run businesses. Yet they have had little or no training on how to hire, fire, or make money. Most importantly, they have had little training in bringing in business.

Professionally trained, this large segment of society takes care of the "ills" of the rest of us. They make sure we're healthy - our bodies, our minds, and our books. Highly skilled and gifted, they have few professional skills when it comes to finding clients: until now they have relied on word-of-mouth referrals from current patients and other professionals.

But it takes a long time to do it that way and might miss those folks who really need the service and aren't in the right place to hear a referral.

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Introducing the Buying Facilitation® method, Sharon Drew Morgen - the originator of the method and the author of New York Times Best Seller Selling with Integrity - teaches professionals how to get business to come in the door. More than just an ad for the professional, this model will help prospective clients and patients decide to come in the door.

In a keynote address, Sharon Drew discusses the following:

  • The differences between bringing in the business and providing the service
  • Keeping clients/patients over time
  • Finding the right clients
  • Training the right staff to update and continue customer service
  • Maintaining collegial relationships that refer business
  • Using the press and the internet to keep you top of mind

Bringing in business is bigger than just finding clients: it's ensuring they are satisfied, reminding them to come back in, finding any trouble spots that might keep them from coming back, and maintaining collegial relationships that continually feed business opportunities.

Have Sharon Drew help your business grow. After all, you're good enough to deserve a large patient population. They need you.

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Speech topic ideas

So you know how to be a professional. Now how do you get clients?

What is stopping you from getting all of the clients you deserve? As a professional, you do well at being a dentist, or an accountant, or a lawyer. But your training did not include running a business or attracting, closing, or maintaining clients. Sharon Drew will offer the tools to help you find the clients - and keep them. In her unique, provocative style, she will move you from being a skilled provider to being a skilled entrepreneur.

Marketing yourself: creating and maintaining a busy practice

Your business has been growing - but not quick enough. You're good at what you do, and your clients send referrals. But you would like more business. How can you market yourself without marketing yourself? How can you drive business by doing what you're good at, and letting your clients find you? And what's stopping you from getting all the business you deserve? Hear Sharon Drew Morgen talk about the ins and outs of developing a marketing effort based on how your clients decide to choose you, based on her groundbreaking Decision Facilitation method.

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